Coming Out of Retirement…

“Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.”

So I am back, with a new toon, a new faction and a new race, but still absolutely, positively 100% feral druid.

In order to keep my self diagnosed OCD just slightly in check, I’ve decided focus on just one aspect of the game.  To that end, my newest toon is Brewah, the troll, feral, pvp druid!  (I’ve been a cow and a nelf.  Went from Allies to Horde to Allies and back to Horde, and for the first time ever now on a PvP server.)

Alrighty, so I putz around questing to level 5 last night, because you can’t pvp until level 10.  This morning, I decide to do a little bit of research in leveling via battlegrounds and figure out the new changes to the class.

Wow, I’m just a bit behind.

Alrighty, so I wander over to WoWHead to look at speccing options.  Ummm.  That’s different than when I was raiding Firelands last.  GC said he wanted hard choices between the talents, it looks like he made it happen.

Tier 1 looked really difficult, until I found out the tooltip shown for Wild Charge was not the only effect.  Blink, while in travel form while the flag carrier?  Yus please!  (I’ll be leveling while in BGs, so I figure I’ll be a flag carrier quite often.  Although, my role in the 10 – 14 bracket seems…confusing.)

I’m guessing I should just go with gathering professions for now, to get the stat boosts and make money until a higher level.  (Plus a little XP while I’m waiting for the queue to pop doesn’t hurt.)

And then glyphs:  Glyph of Dash or Glyph of Prowl or Glyph of Shred?  Hmmm.  I do love sneaking around and the movement penalty is a PITA.  I’m gonna have to think on this prowl for now.

But this should get me up to 30 and I will continue with this once I get closer to 30.

I had a series of posts a couple years back on leveling through BGs.  I will start taking stats again to see what it is like in the current environment and keep ya’ll updated on that as well.

See ya’ll in Azeroth!


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