I’ve found my spot… (In Arathi Basin)

As the basketball chant goes “De-fense!  De-fense!”

There in the basin of Arathi, I lay stealthed beneath the banner of the Horde, showing we claim this land as ours.  Tucked around a nearby corner, somewhat out of site is my guilds banner.  (Bestowing extra honor and rep, doncha know.)  There I lay in wait, hidden, ready to destroy any who might attempt to take this piece of land from us.  I watch others run down the road, aiming for glory.  Glory may go to those who are after the other flags, but in defense and holding this one the honor is mine!

I know people say it all the time, “Don’t fight in the road!  Defend!”  It’s excellent advice and a great way to get honor.  Add in the 50% honorable defender bonus for any “kills” and you don’t have to be remotely close to get kill credit btw.  I know I see both buffs when I am defending.  I’m not entirely sure if Battle Standard of Coordination is stacking with the honorable defender bonus.  And if it is, whether or not it’s additive or multiplicative or what.  (But I figure it doesn’t hurt.)  That said, over Sat & Sun, I went 2-4 in AB matches; however, despite losing 2 to 1, I walked with 279 honor in those 6 matches and only very rarely did a flag I was defending ever flip..  (Only 17 killing blows out of 232 honorable kills in those 6, btw.  I actually didn’t really see a whole lot of action.)

So, find a base in AB let us see you be the D!  There’s both honor and profit in it!  And every battle-ground could use a few good defenders.

And if there are any priests reading…mind control them off the cliff.  I’m just sayin!


2 Responses to “I’ve found my spot… (In Arathi Basin)”

  1. Navimie Says:

    I love to D in AB. It’s my fave BG. I wonder if it’s a kitty thing. I love stealthing at a flag.


    • feralinstincts Says:

      That is a lot of fun, plus the other option I’ve found that is a blast is to sneak up to the lumbermill and typhoon. 😉 One night it was 3 defenders, I sneak up, typhoon all three of them of the mountain in one shot and the flag is all mine!


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