Fun with search terms…

So, in looking at my site stats I peruse the search terms from time to time to see what folks are interested in.  Usually they are normal enough, but lets see what interesting ones we got as well.

“how to go to lights hope chapel in a druid?”

In a druid?  As in inside???

Well, assuming that’s a typo, you can ride a druid in travel form who is using the Glyph of the Stag.  Hmmm.  Then there’s always Vial of the Sands and Heart of the Nightwing.

But in?  Well, the only way I know is to be an opposing faction when the druid is in bear form and hope he doesn’t end up in the woods first. 😉

The rest are mostly PvP searches, which makes sense, given my recent postings.

BTW, for the folks looking for low level PvP vendors:

Alliance Side:

Illiyana Moonblaze <Silverwing Supply Officer>

Sergeant Major Clate <Legacy Armor Quartermaster>

Thanthaldis Snowgleam <Stormpike Supply Officer>

Samuel Hawke <League of Arathor Supply Officer>

Gaelden Hammersmith <Stormpike Supply Officer>

Horde Side:

Kelm Hargunth <Warsong Supply Officer>

First Sergeant Hola’mahi <Legacy Armor Quartermaster>

Grunnda Wolfheart <Frostwolf Supply Officer>

Rutherford Twing <Defilers Supply Officer>

Jorek Ironside <Frostwolf Supply Officer>

Because, Blizz is trying to make it easier for new players and spreading all the low level honor gear to the 4 winds makes that work well. 😉



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