More to come…

So, this week I am catching up on all the work I missed last week because I was on vacation.

And remember how I said over on my sub-30 Feral Druid PvP gear post, “I’ll probably break these up into smaller chunks going forward.”  Well, I just dinged 59 yesterday, so I’ll probably cover 31 – 59 in one chunk and then chunks of 60 – 69, 70 – 79, 80 – 84 and I’ll leave 85 to the experts.

Although, that said, anyone grinding rep for Cenarian Circle, I have discovered, thanks to cross-realm zones, Silithyst counts don’t seem to reset with realm reboots.   So, if you want to earn the bonus rep for mob kills in Silithus or AQ, hitting 200 turn ins is actually possible, although, it is a slow trudge across the desert with no movement speed buffs.  (Feral charge works though. 😉 )


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