An Awkward Conversation

I find it fitting that awkward is awkward to spell, a word with the letters wkw in succession, I mean really?  Oh, right, the post.  Moving right along.

So after making my last post, my head decides to scramble explaining the Horde/Alliance split, with THE TALK!

Click for the talk…

Dad looks nervously at his daughter sitting on the couch.

You’re getting older pumpkin and there are some things about WoW I really should explain to you.  Now, you may have picked some of this up from trade chat…

Not that most things you hear in trade chat are accurate…

Actually, most of them are just plain wrong…

But what I’m trying to say is…

Well, you see, when two factions hate each other very much, they do certain things…

And then there’s PvP which is…

But there’s also neutral free for all PvP and Arenas and rated battlegrounds where you can attack your own faction, not that there’s anything wrong with that…

Actually, I think your mother would be better explaining this…



5 Responses to “An Awkward Conversation”

  1. Navimie Says:

    Is that awkward? I made it quite simple for my daughter:
    “You see that flag? It’s called a banner. It’s red. That means horde. We are horde. We have to fight these bad people called Alliance. You see them running over there carrying that flag? See how their names are all red? Red people are bad people and we need to beat them. Green people are good people.”

    LOL. But, she’s only half your daughter’s age, so your daughter needs a twice as smart explanation 😀


    • feralinstincts Says:

      Heh. But she’s been Alliance for 3-ish years at this point…


    • feralinstincts Says:

      And to clarify, it’s not a hard conversation in reality. It’s the fact she didn’t understand and I need to explain somehow meshed up with having the sex talk in my head and this is what came out. You see, when two random ideas love each other very much… 😉


      • Navimie Says:

        Oh LOL! I had the sex talk with my daughter (but mostly for school purposes like so she would recognise sexual assault) but I don’t think she really understands. I wonder what do dads tell their 10 year old daughters?


      • feralinstincts Says:

        That’s easy, you’re not allowed to kiss a boy until you’re married and you’re not allowed to get married until your 40. 🙂


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