I have work to do…

So, my youngest, at the age of 10 has been fascinated by WoW for ages now.  Well, ages for a 10 year old that is.  It all started with my wife and I letting the kids play around with our account.  They thought it was fun, but it wasn’t huge…

…until Noblegarden, about 4 or 5 years ago.  We asked the kids if they wanted to help us gather Easter Eggs.  There are some huge things there for my youngest.

  1. She loves helping grownups, it makes her feel important.
  2. Video games are a win in general.
  3. They love Easter Egg hunts, my girls will hide them for one another and go searching.
  4. An Easter egg hunt in a video game that is helping grownups = HUGE WIN!

So, occasionally, we would let her play with our accounts, usually with something like fishing or flower picking or something with chat turned off just for fun.

Well, then eventually on a whim, we let her create her own character on my account to play around with.  And me, being the story lover would tell her about the Lore in game.  She can talk you to death about the Wrath story line.  (Actually, she can talk you to death about pretty much anything, this child loves to talk and talk and talk.)

Once she had her own toon and she would occasionally play with my wife, but mostly she’s been content running around herbing and skinning.  During Wrath, we hearthed her in Dal, because it was central and had portals everywhere and was a lot of fun, since the grownups were there a lot.  She even was singing a song when we first ported her there about being in Dalaran.

So, when we switched to a new server to Alliance in late 2010, she created another toon, so she could keep playing with my wife occasionally.  So, fast forward to today, she’s got a reward system set up so that if she does well at school, she can earn her very own account and play with both me and my wife.  However, until that point, she’s more than content to keep playing on my account.  After Cata we told her about the portals going away and moved her Hearth to Stormwind.

However, after MoP was released, my wife and I started playing on Horde side again to play with some locals.  So when she rolled a panda, I suggested that she choose Horde when it comes down to making that choice.  She did so…

Kiddo: Daddy, I picked Horde so I can play with you and Mom, but I don’t remember how to get around Org anymore.

Me: Well, it’s changed a lot since you last played Horde, but you’ll get the hang of it.

Kiddo:  I just don’t know Org anymore.  Why couldn’t the balloon go to the Horde section of Stormwind?



3 Responses to “I have work to do…”

  1. An Awkward Conversation | Feral Instincts Says:

    […] A kitty/bear trying to make his way through the World of Warcraft « I have work to do… […]


  2. Navimie Says:

    That’s cute! My daughter loves Noblegarden too, she’s really good at finding eggs (compared to me) and she can run around doing my daily for me (not that i really need anything though but she’s having fun). And I did LOL at your last line 🙂


    • feralinstincts Says:

      Yah, that last line inspired my next post. The things that seem non-obvious that they get so easily, but the things that seem so obvious but fly right over their heads…


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