Posts, posts, posts…

So, posts in the pipeline:

  • The honor gearing of a PvP Feral from 31 – 59.
  • To be followed by the honor gearing of a PvP Feral from 60 – 69, 70 -79 & 80 – 84.
  • There’s more cute kid stuff, that is rattling around, but isn’t coming into words currently.
  • I want to go see what I can solo at 90.  Granted, that means I have to get to 90 first…hmmm, mebbe I should grab FRAPs or something for that.
  • How Mr. No-Alts is now up to 3 and is considering more.
  • And now that I’m trying to get the ideas out, they are hiding from me.

This is a work in progress, will update as my brain lets me.  Feel free to splatter the comments with any ideas you might have that you think would be good to see in the blog, a brainstorming session, if you will.

But I leave you with this.  My wife and I are leveling two Panderan Monks.  I’m trying to learn to heal, so I’m playing Mistweaver and she’s going to attempt Tanking with a brewmaster.

She keeps telling me that I need to stop pulling.

But, Honey, I’m currently a bear!  That means I’m supposed to pull! 😉



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