For the…

So I’ve been reading several of the articles over on, about the Alliance dissatisfaction with the storyline.

I’ve been popping back and forth between sides lately.  But this is a small slice of that has always felt true to me:

“For the Horde!”

It feels gutteral and primal and motivational.  It inspires feeling and makes me want to take action.  It feels powerful!

“For the Alliance!”

It feels like a cheap imitation of “For the Horde!”  In my head, the accent I tend to associate with this, does not feel motivational or inspiring.  It seems to just not make me feel.  I almost want the Alliance to have their own phrase.

I think in the actions I tend to associate with the Horde, I see a grunt, who isn’t putting a lot of thought into it, “For the Horde!” is just a rallying cry, a simple unifying thought to spur to action.

Whereas on the Alliance side, the cry needs almost needs to be an equivilent of “Remember the Alamo.”  We are the sleeping giant.  So when we are the hero, there is a wrong to be righted.  “For our side!” isn’t enough, we must be reminded of the wrong we are putting right.  Remember the Wrathgate!  Remember Gilneas!  Remember Theramore!  Remember our heroes lost doing what’s right!

None of those seem to quite fit, but the idea is there.  The Alliance seems to need justification for Heroism, whereas the Horde can succumb to it’s Bloodlust!


2 Responses to “For the…”

  1. Elamari Says:

    I like the sound of heroism over bloodlust. It’s sounds better; blow hero, hero now etc… But you are right, For the Horde is a great war cry. For the Alliance is the cheap rip off like Sorny or Panaphonic.



  2. Navimie Says:

    As a hordie I find heroism a funny term, but I still think for the Alliance has a mighty “good” ring to it, it doesn’t seem piddly in comparison.. For the Horde seems to be more… braveheart imo which I like too.


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