Such Strangeness in our Brave New Azeroth

I am back from yet another extended break…

I am not the player I was. When I started this blog, I dreamed of being on bleeding edge raiding, dabbled in theory-crafting and sought arena glory. I never got anywhere close to any of those things.

These days, I play “Animal Crossing: WoW Edition.” I go out, collect things, (pets, achievements  mounts, recipes  level alts, work on a crafting network and have a foursome of gnomes that I play with my wife and two daughters.  (We’re all around  level 15 at this point.) The world is a playground and whatever strikes my fancy I go and do.

I still have a bit of a running to-do list in the back of my head of things I want to accomplish. But I do as I see fit and am having fun doing so. Other than my wife and daughters, no one is depending on me to do a thing. I’m not a raid leader, heck, I haven’t set foot in a current content raid since the Firelands. I still do research, but a lot of it has to do with what is striking my fancy at the moment.

That research though is what is becoming weird.

WoW has a declining population, I get that. But as more info is added in the game itself and there are less people providing information outside of game/are playing the game, the information becomes less reliable, this past information includes my own memory too.

Take for example this incident during the Lunar Festival.

Me: Hey, I should go do the Lunar Festival on an alt, it will be easy XP and I can work on other things while in flight.

So, I pull up the great guide on WoWHead by Perculia start popping around from Elder to Elder.

Me: Hey, there’s an elder in Strat, it’s not too far from the back entrance, I’ll just head in, grab him and head out.

I walk into the back entrance. Start heading over to where the elder is and find myself stuck at some gates. That’s odd. I /tar the Elder.

Me: There he is!

I cannot get past the gates to get over to live side.

Finally, I give up and go over to the live side entrance to speak to the elder which requires a much longer walk. Not a horrible thing to do, but annoying since I knew how to get there.

Apparently, since Cata, live side and dead side of Strat have been split due to closed gates, so folks in dungeon finder can’t do both.  😦

I don’t blame the guide and all the new kids probably didn’t think to use the back entrance, if they knew even where it was. Although, the wonderful Perculia did update the guide once I let her know it was only accessible via live side.


Here’s my example thought from today.

I’m changing one of the professions on one of my toons to engineering. The Animal Crossing Collector player wants to get as many schematics as I can. Well, apparently Mekgineer Thermaplugg drops a lot of engineering recipes.

My brain: Hey, I wonder if we can go in the back door to Gnomer, hurry to Thermaplugg, kill him, grab the schematic and hearth out and then reset over and do it all over again.

My brain: Wait, I know they took your key, does the back door even work anymore? Lets look online.

I cannot find it. There is information about the back door. Apparently the key drops again and disappears when you leave the dungeon. Is it permanently sealed? Can you use a blacksmith key or a seaformium charge to open in?

The comments from pre-WoW 4.0 are many, finding Cata and MoP comments are rare and it was an entirely different world post 4.0. The old information never dies and you have to filter through so much to find the valid info. People are hesitant to downrate old data as it was valid at the time it was posted, so it lingers and it becomes harder and harder to find good information, if anyone has even bothered to put it out there.


It is just odd, how much of the world isn’t as I remember it or gone entirely. But then, so much of it is similar or the same.  But there is more information on the old world than the new.

Although, now that I write that I look at the player I am and was. It’s still me, I still have goals, the collect bug has always been there. (Most notably with achievements.) I am not the player I was, but I am very similar to that person, while still very different.



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