Feedback For the 31 Point Cataclysm Feral Druid Build

(Ok, I changed my mind and am reviewing the tree.  Will probably crosspost this to the forums.)

Blizzard Employees,

I am a big fan of your product and I know these are unfinished releases from the beta, but I thought Would take a moment to provide some feedback on the lastest talent builds released, especially in regards to Kitty Feral Druids, as I absolutely ❤ playing kitty.

To begin with, what jumps out at me is the first row.  We have to take 5 points to get to the second row, but between our two talents, there are only 5 points available.  It feels like “You will take these and you will like it!”  Every other tree has 7 to 9 points in that first row.

3 Points into Ferocity – So far, so good.

2 Points into Predatory Strikes – Well, given that I don’t have an option, this is where the points have to go.  I’ve actually been a fan of this, but as of the last time I looked at the numbers, a shred was still better than a Ravage even talented and combined with Improved Feral Charge.  If this is changed cool, we’re good here, but it would be nice to have an option.

2 Points into Feral Swiftness – Movement Speed = Mor DPS indirectly, specially with the more movement intensive fights that seemed planned.

3 Points into Fury SWipes – Not thrilled with this, only a small increase in DPS, but more OOC procs, so lets roll with it.

3 Points into King of the Jungle – Extra Energy for Tiger’s Fury = Good!

1 Point into Feral Charge – Again, ease of movement = Mor DPS!

2 Points into Improved Feral Charge – Again, last I looked at the numbers Ravage wasn’t better than a shred when talented but I’ll roll with it.  Although, 4 points (or almost 10%) for such a situational ability seems a bit rough.  The potential of grabbing aggro seems high with Charge -> Mangle -> Tiger’s Fury -> Ravage.

1 Point into Leader of the Pack – All for it, although I will definitely miss iLoP on bears.  I often take iLoP on kitty too for the raid utility.

2 Points into Brutal Impact – Getting Skull Bash down to a reasonable time so we can interrupt is cool.

Here I sit with one talent point needed for the next row, not really wanting any of it.  Primal Fury and Thick Hide are for Bears, do not need.  Nuturing instinct is less useful without iLoP. And while the extra healing is kinda nice, not really necessary if you doing your job right.  I guess it’s this:

1 Point into Infected Wounds – Some raid utility, unless you have a bear.

2 Points into Endless Carnage – Loosens up the “rotation” a little.

2 Points into Primal Madness – I’m not 100% on how useful this will be, a lot of this will depend on how haste scales with energy regen.

Once again, I’m not thrilled with all the options here.  Natural Reaction isn’t great.  The only other option is an “Oh heck!” button, guess I’ll go with that.

1 Point into Survival Instincts – I’m not entirely sure about it, maybe I could max out infected wounds, just neither of these seem like, “Hey!  That’s what I want!”

2 Points into Nom Nom Nom – (Note, most people I talk to want you to keep this name!)  I adore this ability and the name.  Thank you!

3 Points into Rend and Tear – Yup, there’s some of those kitty skills in action.

1 Point into Berserk – Signature move.


Ignore the balance tree.  Nothing to see there.


2 Points into Blessing of the Grove – More damage by shred, with mangle at level 10, I’m not ever seeing a use for Claw anymore.

8 Points left and no clear DPS increasers in sight.

Hey Grats, you’ve worked your way to the top and no have no more talents that can increase your DPS!


1 Point into Infected Wounds – Since this is a hybrid.

2 Points into Primal Fury – Bear Rage

-3 Points from Fury Swipes – Don’t need this Anymore, since the increase seems minor.

3 Points into Thick Hide – Yay more armor to be a bear.

– 2 Points from Improved Feral Charge – Have other uses for these.

1 Point into Pulverize – The new bear signature move, no one quite understands. 😉

3 Points into Furor – To get to the next row…

3 Points into Perseverance – Less damage to the bear.

(Primal Madness points depending on how haste on regen works, could be moved from there to Fury Swipes or Improved Feral Charge.)

Here’s my tree as it looks now, will add links to abilities later.


3 Responses to “Feedback For the 31 Point Cataclysm Feral Druid Build”

  1. Sarlalian Says:

    Keep in mind they don’t want you to only take talents that increase your dps. They want more flex between pve / pvp, and more fun talents. I’d be that they will be getting rid of more of the dps talents and baking them into the tree as a bonus for being feral, and hopefully putting some more pvp and utility in. I personally don’t want to spend all of cata healing people in pvp, I would like to nom nom nom some more!


  2. Bixel on Malfurion Says:

    What I saw was a bunch of 5-points squished into 3-points. Where they were adequate at 5, they are much less so at 3. Maybe the paradigm has shifted, but I’m still expecting 3 builds in the feral tree: one for dps, one for tanking and one for pvp. I don’t even see a solid choice for dps…we end up with too many points and the ones we choose there seem weakened versions of their previous incarnations.

    I’m really disappointed at the lack of attention given to feral druids right now.


  3. cina Says:

    I’m disappointed too, it’s very watered down, and whats the deal with ravage, it have never been way up there on a pve priority list.


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