The Thrill of…Archaeology?

I always kinda thought of Archaeology as land fishing. And like fishing, I tended to enjoy it a bit more than most players. It was an amusing way to pass some time brainlessly until I decided to work on some other activity. (Or perhaps work on some non-WoW related activity while I did so.)

But today, today was different. For the first time in my WoW history, I have been giving alts some attention. I’ve been mostlty leveling them for tradeskills, primarily through the Cooking & Fishing Dalies and the Darkmoon profession quests, just because.

I’ve been making sure one alt at a time gets through all the profession quests. And the last one I needed on the first sub-30 alt was Archaeology.

Well, it has been fascinating. Low 20s hunter, roaming through huge archeology sites. Cutting her way through dense groups of monsters to put her surveying equipment down again. Hoping that you don’t acidentally get teamed up on.

When you are near the levels of the monsters around you, this is no mere land fishing. As you collect each piece, you don’t know how many more things you might have to fight to get to the next. You push forward though, wanting to see what prize your hard work might bring and knowing you are putting yourself at risk each and every time…



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