For Great Honor…

Two PvP-ish notes:

Just an FYI, although the Battle Standard of Coordination(Horde/Alliance) does not work for Rep or XP gained from questing, it does work for honor gained from questing.  So any quests that award honor, make sure to throw this sucker down.

A change that I just found out about, that others might want to know about as well, PvP stats no longer count towards an items ilevel budget.  So if you get an ilevel 522 item with honor it would have the same amount of primary and secondary stats as a PvE ilevel 522 item, plus some PvP Power.  So, if you end up with your hands on a PvP item for some reason, if it is an upgrade to a PvE piece, it will be an upgrade in to that piece in PvE content as well.

I’m sure some folks knew these, but I thought I would spread the wealth. 🙂




One Response to “For Great Honor…”

  1. Elamari Says:

    Hey mate long time no chat. One of the few druid bloggers still writing stuff.

    I little bit off topic, but I couldn’t find another way to contact you. In any case you have been nominated for a Liebster award enjoy 😀



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