4.0.1 For the Slacker Feral Druid Blogger

Alrighty, I admit, after all my work into the unfinished 41 point Feral Druid talent tree, before they decided to change to the 31 point talent trees, kinda put me in a mood when they came out with the 31 point talent trees.

My theory, “Why should I bother to do all this research now if they keep changing it?  I’ll figure it out when it’s closer to time.”  Well, the arrows all seem to point to 4.0.1 being released tomorrow!  I am desperately clicking “Reload” on my character copy page to the PTR, hoping to get a head start one WTF I’m going to have to do to all my gear, gems, enchants tomorrow.  I wish there was a conversion calculator out there that would pull my toon off of the armory and convert it to the 4.0.1 version.  The status page says the average wait is one day and I’m like, “OMG then it will be too late!”

But ya’ll aren’t interested in my troubles. You want the scoop on the 4.0.1.

I don’t have it. =/

But luckily, I know some bloggers who do.

4.01 Kitty Primer – What You Need To Know: From Feral Aggression a great overview for the kitties.

Kitties be ready – From Jacemora is a sad piece. 😦  But I plan on sticking it out.

Feral Builds: 4.01Primal Precision, a look at Bear and Kitty talent trees.

Kitty DPS in 4.0.1 – by the ever talented Alaron over at the Fluid Druid.

Think Tank: Just go over the last few posts, tons of info here.

If I missed some, give your favorite blogger some love in the comments.

~clicks reload on the character copy screen again and gets “503 Service Not Available~ Dammit!

If the patch drops as expected, good luck out there.  More updates to come.

That’s great, it starts with an earthquake, birds,
snakes, an aeroplanes, Lenny Bruce is not afraid.


2 Responses to “4.0.1 For the Slacker Feral Druid Blogger”

  1. Russ Says:

    The last several posts by Kalon (Think Tank) have a lot of great information. He has been my number one source over the past several weeks for general 4.0.1 guides for ferals, as well as a series of posts dedicated to how different stats will work for cats.



  2. 4.0.1 Released Says:

    […] let me say that I am sorry for my last Debbie Downer post. When I saw a ping back this morning from Feral Instincts with a reference to my last post described as “a sad piece” I felt a little bad, almost […]


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