A Look at Kitty Weapon Enchants in 4.0.1

The contenders:



Major AGI


After running the numbers, you know what?  There is a grand total of 0.2% dps difference on my toon from top to bottom with those 4 items.  Pick the one that’s already on your weapon or whichever you prefer.  Mongoose is back on top for now.  (And you may start to stretch a little more dps out of it if you use your procs wisely.)  But honestly, from what I see, all of these seem to be good choices.  You’ll lose more DPS pushing the wrong button than you will picking the wrong weapon enchant from that list. 🙂


2 Responses to “A Look at Kitty Weapon Enchants in 4.0.1”

  1. zelmaru Says:

    Oh good to know. I really did not want to hunt down a mongoose enchant.


  2. Goodmongo Says:

    Every single enchanter knows Mongoose since they made it a 100% drop in Kara. And most specs can solo the boss or at most you can 2 man it. Harder to find are the voids and prismatics.

    BTW, found this site from a post made in another blog. Good site.


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