A Second Look At Trinkets for Feral DPS in 4.0.1

My list stands.

Death’s Verdict (Heroic)Sharpened Twilight Scale (Heroic) are 1 & 2.  After re-running the numbers post DPS fix, they are still essentially tied for 1st, less than 0.05% apart in DPS contribution, that’s a rounding error essentially.

Afterwards, Death’s VerdictSharpened Twilight Scale, & Deathbringer’s Will (Heroic) and closer to each other than the first two.  Essentially a 3 way tie for 3rd.

And 6 – 11 stand as is.

Also, did a re-run of enchants and glyphs.  What I stated originally about weapon enchants stands as well.

I personally, have Glyph of RipGlyph of Shred, and Glyph of Tiger’s Fury as my top 3.  But, like the examples above, you could replace Glyph of Tiger’s Fury with Glyph of Berserk or Glyph of Savage Roar and still be within 0.2% difference.  I guess it all depends on what glyph you prefer for that 3rd slot.

I, personally, still have a bunch of number crunching to do for myself.  And if I find out anything cool, I’ll be sure to let you know.  🙂


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