I’m a slacker kitty…

First of all, somehow I missed the obvious choice for my fist glyph in my last post, Glyph of Savagery.  30% damage boost without having to get combo points first in PvP.  Yah, that’s the obvious pvp answer.

Although, I found it an interesting look on File Under Feral’s post about movement speed buffs.  Granted, the soonest I’d be able to get the stacking version of the movement speed “enchant” is level 28 with the Defiler’s Leather Boots, which just so happens to have it baked in.

Although, I’m still more leaning towards Wild Charge over Feline Swiftness, despite the stacking.  It just feels a little more versatile.  I still got 2 levels to decide though.

So, now to tie the title into this post, lol.  I went into my first four BGs last night and got my rear handed to me pretty well.  (Lessee, no money, no heirlooms, 7 empty gear slots and the filled ones have 3 greens and 5 whites, yah I expected it.)  I went 1-3 and probably was a non-factor in most rounds.  (Although, in the AB we won, I thought I did pretty decent keeping folks off the flag at least.)  And after the faction switch since being Alliance since 2010, I have to think long and hard about who actually has the lead, which is weird.

But those aren’t the reasons I’m a slacker.  The reason I’m a slacker is I took no notes for XP gained and length of the battles.  I got REFlex to help with some of this.  But without me recording the amount of XP, that doesn’t help anyway.  And for some reason it didn’t record the time on 3 of the 4 matches.

I’m going to try and keep a notepad or something by the computer to see what I got, going forward.  Will keep you updated!

Although, with as squishy as I’ve been, I’ve been pondering Guardian PvP…


3 Responses to “I’m a slacker kitty…”

  1. Elamari Says:

    Hi there.

    Originally I was a fan of Wild Charge over Feline Swiftness, even at the time I wrote that post. But very recently I have taken Feline Swiftness and have been enjoying it. Having a base movement speed of 155% is pretty OP. One of the advantages of Wild Charge is that it has a use in every form.

    I haven’t done very much PVP since Cata, but I think the general view is that Wild Charge is preferred for gap closing. But I think that the new talent system lends it’s self to personal choice.




  2. Elamari Says:

    Hi again.

    I had a look around your blog looking for some contact details, but I couldn’t find any. I was looking because I think it would be cool for us to organize some guest blogging between our blogs. I noticed that you and I both blog about WOW & Feral Druids.

    If you are interested drop me a line fileunderferal@gmail.com


    ~Elamari (Joe)


  3. Bayes - Earthen Ring Says:

    I’m starting to fall out of WoW again but I play Guardian PvP when I do get on. Lots of people gave me flack for it but survivability went up especially in the lower levels where Resil was hard to come by. I found my best value was guarding BS in stealth and calling out incs thanks to track humanoids. Good luck, play smart, and have fun!


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