Ack! I must have gotten distracted by something again!

Because I’ve been a quiet Feral lately.  Of course the 80+ hours I worked last week might have been a contributing factor.

Unfortunately, I have some confessions to make to you all.  There are things horribly horribly wrong with me that you all need to know.

*I think the fact that I get to level cooking 6 different times in Panderia…is totally frigging awesome!  Look at all those boxes I get to check.  It’s stuff to do!  That’s cool!

*I ❤ Dalies!  My wife does not like all the Rep dailies available this expansion.  Whereas I’m trying to figure out how to level alts using dailies.  Again, maybe it’s that whole, I like checking boxes thing, because, I can do down my list of dailies and do this and that and then the next, etc.  Hmmm, maybe I should make a spreadsheet or a checklist by toon.  I mean like 1 – 60 using just cooking and fishing and holiday dailies will go slow, but I’ll get there eventually!

*I’m actually thinking of playing primarily ~gasp~ bear this expansion.  (Well, in PvE at least.)  Bear was always a secondary hobby.  I would dabble, but my passion has always been kitty.  It’s just to be honest, with my limited play time, I want the perqs that come with being a tank.

* I am an achievement escort!  Oh wait, everyone already knows that.

Actual content coming soon, I promise!  I just need a nap or something.  72 hours at work if it’s a slow week is hitting me pretty hard!




2 Responses to “Ack! I must have gotten distracted by something again!”

  1. Elamari Says:

    Bear is a good choice. Not the best, not definitely not the worst at the moment. You will probably have noticed, but since the split the Feral tree, cats are no where near as strong (survivability wise) as they were. So I’ve found that I need to actually change spec instead of just going bear. Not all bad, just a minor inconvenience.

    Dailies aren’t too bad. People raged far too much. You didn’t have to do ALL the dailies yet people still cry and whinge.

    Hope you work quietens down. Have a good one.



  2. Vivianka Says:

    <— his wife. I am a mount collector.. which is why I burnt myself out on them. 😉


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