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The Argent Tournament and Faction Change

April 3, 2014

So, back in Wrath, I faction changed from Horde to Alliance to play with some friends.  I had, being the achievement escort I am, finished the Argent Tournament.  Oh, so it reset, well, I am too hard headed so I did it all over again.

Well, when here it is several years later and I’m was looking at going back to the dark side, I scoured the web for information on whether or not I’d have to complete the tournament for a 3rd time.

I honestly could find no information in regards to it, other than sometimes after a faction change people cannot seem to get the Argent Tournament quests at all.  And there might have been one forum post that said I would have to do it all over again.  I figured it was easy enough in raid gear at 80, it should be a piece of cake now, if I have to do it a 3rd time, so be it.

So, I faction changed.  And low and behold…I didn’t have to do it again.

I cannot say in the modern world that a faction change will allow you to keep the Argent Tournament achievements.  I can’t even say, “If you faction change and don’t do them on one side and faction change back if you keep them.”

But for those of you who are curios, if you complete the Argent Tournament achievements both on Horde and Alliance, you will keep your achievements after a faction change.

The only bug I saw in the whole thing was Thunder Bluff was offering me their Valiant quests.  I’m guessing that’s because I went from Cow to Nelf to Troll, thus when I completed them the first time, TB was my base faction and now they weren’t.  I didn’t do them though, I’m already an Exalted champion of TB.

I figured someday someone else may be scouring the web for how a dual faction change affects the Argent Tournament and hopefully this helps them out a little.