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The Time Has Come for a Regeneration!

February 6, 2015

The most amazing thing has happened in the last week, we saw the end of a WoW icon over at WoW Insider.  It was one of the first sites with WoW content I regularly followed.  I was saddened by this, as was much of the community.  But the wonderful folks there decided that they didn’t want to give up what they love and have created BlizzardWatch.  BlizzardWatch is a crowd funded project, if you’d like to be a supporter, you can set up a recurring donation here.

But this post isn’t an ad for BlizzardWatch.  After watching the community come together for something that meant so much to them, I realized how much I miss writing about WoW.  I’ve decided after yet another extended absence from the blog, I’m going to resurrect it…again.

But unlike previously, I’m going to set myself a schedule.  I will post that schedule when I figure out what the heck it is going to be, so hopefully ya’ll will give me a hard time if I’m slacking again.  I need to definitely work on some admin stuff on the site.  I think my plan is going to be a weekly feature along with random posts when they come to mind.

As always, I would love to create a conversation here, so don’t be afraid to comment.  We need more content and engagement for the only spec that “Complains when they get a buff!”  But as you continue your journeys through the World of Warcraft, always remember these wise words: