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A Heads Up For Leveling Alts

February 7, 2015

For any of you that don’t mind an old school XP grind, this week the perfect time for it.  The in game event Love is In the Air, is currently running.  The daily quest, Crushing the Crown, has you going out killing five mobs and blowing up their chemical wagon.  The thing to note is these mobs respawn really really rapidly.  So you can chain pull these over and over.  (Also good if you are in need of cloth.)  This alone makes for a great place to XP grind.

However, what makes this even better is tomorrow is the start of the Darkmoon Faire!  This means you can hop on the carousel and get the buff WHEE!  This buff gives you an extra 10% XP, it starts out at 5 mins, but the longer you ride the carousel, the longer the buff lasts up to 1 hour.

If you have already completed Crushing the CrownWoWHead has a great list of the various zones where the daily will take you on their Love is in The Air Guide found here, using that list you can find where the level appropriate zones are if you get to high for the one the daily gives you.  Unfortunately, the event hasn’t added areas for MoP and WoD, so once you get to the one in Uldum, that’s as high as it goes.

Happy Leveling and May the XP be with you!