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A Tribute to TripleB!

February 13, 2015

I had originally planned a very different post, with my first major post since I came back going up today.  But it didn’t seem right, as this is the last day for someone who gave me one hell of a jumpstart when I first started blogging.

Way back in Jan 2010 Big Bear Butt linked this blog and I had a traffic explosion.  I was just starting out at the time and I was amazed at all the people reading all of a sudden.  Unfortunately, like the kitty I am, I got distracted by something shiny multiple times and lost quite a bit of traffic over the years.  But I never forgot about that help he gave me when first starting out.

But not just that TripleB is a great guy.  I remember a slow night during MoP when I needed help summoning my wife and he was the only one on my f-list playing Ally side at the time and he popped over to help me out, even though we don’t talk a lot.

While you have moved on from your theorycrafting ways when I first started reading, I have really enjoyed your humor over the years and seen so many reflections of my own life as I raise my two geeklings.  (One is already a Geek-teen.)  You made us laugh.  You tugged at our heartstrings in tender moments.  And you made me want want a goldfish hunter pet.

I don’t know why you are ending you blog, but thank you.

Thank you for helping out this little blog so many years ago.

Thank you for helping me out when I need to summon my wife.

Thank you for the joy your writing has brought to me over the years and I’m sure there are many others who feel the same way.

If you are still playing, one of these nights I’m actually going to have the free time to take you up on a run you’re putting up in

My best of wishes wherever this journey takes you and thank you for letting us ride along for a while.